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Downtime Dagobert
(22.10.2014 21:24)
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just had a little bit of downtime. But now its back up.
Live stats of our Servers are currently not working so they are deaktivated.
Same with any Subdomains like

Please report any errors you might have. Thanks
New member! seemslegit
(08.10.2014 22:21)
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Fellow R4a'ers!

The clan has lied still for a while, but now we have a new member of our family!

Welcome to

New members! seemslegit
(19.02.2014 16:28)
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Hello fellow R4a'ers!

Today we will welcome 2 new members!

R4aMagnus 1112

Unknown people on the forums. seemslegit
(13.02.2014 18:50)
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Hello everybody.,

Apparently, today someone has been posting stuff not related to the Racing4All clan.
I don't know who these are or how the heck they got in here (they're not listed as members, nor unregistered members), but I will delete their posts and just hope the problem doesn't persist.

I certainly don't hope that someone has hacked this website, but let's not make any conclusions just yet.

I'll stay in touch with you.
Merry Christmas and an early Christmas present... seemslegit
(24.12.2013 10:52)
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Hello fellow R4a-members!

Merry Christmas !

Yes it's finally Christmas! the day we all wait for all year!

Yesterday we were some people having fun on the RPG server:

(inqontrol and bluehorizon's names didn't show up) And we did our names a little more Christmas-like!

Yesterday vildgrisens trial-period vote started and I've decided to end it today. I doubted there was a chance he was going to be voted down, so welcome our new member;


Have an awesome day everyone, i hope you get what you wished for!

Greetings from up here in the north(kinda)

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